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1972 Pantera for sale in New Jersey Login/Join 
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off market
Posts: 278 | city, state or province, country: Atlantic City Area, NJ | Registered: November 21, 2009Report This Post
1972 Pantera
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What a gorgeous cat, and well priced for the amount of work. I hope you get every penny of your asking price, it's just beautiful.
Posts: 191 | city, state or province, country: Valley Glen, CA | Registered: October 14, 2010Report This Post
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Mark, What is the VIN? Ive been hunting for a car that belonged to my dad and changed hands around 98. -Geoff
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Mark's car is as gorgeous in person as it is in photos. The sound, however, is something that photos just can’t convey. It is one of the wickedest sounding Panteras I’ve heard. I'm sorry that you are considering letting it go, but I'm sure the new owner will enjoy the fruits of a lot of beautiful and hard work.


Posts: 3365 | city, state or province, country: Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Registered: May 05, 2004Report This Post
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Stunningly beautiful. Looks to be a real bargain.
Posts: 1921 | city, state or province, country: Greensboro, NC | Registered: July 12, 2003Report This Post
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Very nice!!
I love those wheels, they are perfect for your car
Posts: 976 | city, state or province, country: Florida | Registered: January 31, 2010Report This Post
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I saw Mark's car in the flesh at one of the Kingston, Ontario, Canada get-togethers.

The car is a real beauty. The photos do not do it justice. Everything is well sorted out - front to rear

More than any other DeTomaso, the Amerisport bumpers look perfect on his car. I love the wheels.

In my opinion, the car is very well priced (as in: a really good deal).

Good luck Mark. Sorry to hear you are looking at selling it.

Posts: 332 | city, state or province, country: Ontario, Canada | Registered: October 01, 2004Report This Post
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Sorry to see you sell it Mark.
Whoever buys it will be getting a beautiful car.
Posts: 1421 | city, state or province, country: Canada | Registered: April 01, 2005Report This Post
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