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For Sale...Ford SVO Aluminum Heads & Other Parts...

1.) A3 Aluminum Heads..."Brand New"...Pair (2)...(P/N: E3ZM-6049-A3) Fully
machined and setup.. Mild "street" hand porting. Manley Stainless-Steel 1
Piece valves, Radiused valve seats. 150 pound seated springs & Comp Cams
Steel Retainers, ARP Rocker Studs.
Porting was done by Flow Technology in Garden Grove, CA.

2.) A3 Aluminum Heads..."Used"...Pair (2)...(P/N: E3ZM-6049-A3) Fully
machined and setup.. Full hand porting , Manley Titanium Intake & Exhaust
Valves with lash caps, 3 Angle Valve job, 200 pound (double) seated Springs
& Titanium retainers.
"Rare" Ford Motorsports M-9424-A331 Intake Manifold included. (to be used on
a Iron block with aluminum heads).

3.) C3 Aluminum Heads..."Used"...Pair (2)...(P/N: E3ZM-6049-C3)
...Bare...with roughed in hand port work started (very little)...ARP Rocker
Studs and Guide plates installed. Early phase...uses standard Ford Valve train parts like the A3's, c302's etc.

4.) C302B SVO Aluminum head...(P/N: E3ZM-6049-C302B)... "Brand New" ...(1)
single... bare... (100% untouched)

5.) Weaver 4 stage "Dry-Sump" Oil Pump, with Moroso "custom" built ( for
Ford 351 Cleveland) "Dry-Sump" Oil Pan, Stainless-Steel Braded Lines and AN
fittings. Cogged Belt & Drive Pulleys, Brackets, and Key-Way Crank Drive.
Used..(4 hours/ as new )

6.) Carrillo Fog Lights...for "Euro" GTS, and GT5/GT5-S...New in the Box !

7.) DeTomaso Pantera "Stock" Half-Shafts...Used
$ 95

8.) Ford Motorsports Chrome Oil Pan ( Boss type with pickup baffel) ..Brand
New in the Box.

9.) FordMotorsports Polished "Tall" valve covers with "DETOMASO"

10.) Jomar Stud Girdles (set) anodized.

11.) Edelbrock 351-4V "Torker" Intake Manifold..."EGR" model...Used...good
condition...with one small hole, pro tig welded between one runner.

12.) Ford Motorsports Polished Aluminum Valve Covers

Pictures are available as always....and all Parts are in hand ready to ship

Prices DO NOT include shipping...or you can pick them up in So Cal ! :-)
(909) 899-0634

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