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I have had my share of electrical problems as have most of us. Michael Shortt told me his recent electrical problems vanished after installing the replacement fuse panel from Pantera Electronics, Jon Haas. SObill Taylor raved about the panel and installation is really simple in an hour or two, depending on how many breaks you take.

What a beautiful piece of engineering! this is state of the art. It is a shame it is hidden behind a panel. The instructions and pictures are great and easy to follow, almost like connect the dots. I spoke with Jon before buying the panel and learned of his passion for Panteras and his desire to build affordable units. Jon also owns a Pantera! The ATO Fuse Panel is specific built by Jon for the Pantera. It is not a retro-fit. It is what I consider to be a plug-n-play unit. You don't cut wires!

If you blow a fuse, an LED lights next to the blown fuse. I should have done this years ago.

Here is the link:

Indy Dave
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Mark, Thanks for adding the pictures!
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I just finished installing the ATO Fuse panel by Pantera Electronics/Jon Haas. What a beautiful piece! Jon is a master of designing and manufacturing high-quality, well-engineered electical systems for Panteras. His instructions are IDIOT-PROOF. I too have the headlight controller installed in my car. If reliability is what you're seeking in your Pantera's electrical system, go no further than Pantera Electronics.

TIP: The wires to the TWO-FUSE panel for the power windows on my car were very short and couldn't reach the ATO Fuse Panel. While you are picking up the 4-#10 female spade connectors, by some 10 GA wire and a box of butt connectors.

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Hi I also installed the ATO panel as I was having some issues with old wiring in my Pantera and installing new electonic items. It was easy and also had 2 additional circuits for power windows- Best thing I did to the Pantera
mike #7042
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Yup, count me in here as well. I've installed as many of Jon's products as possible. Great stuff. The fuse panel was my first, and I was hooked!
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Add me to the list of the very impressed. I installed the fuse panel and headlight control this winter. These are incredibly high quality and easy to install. There will be more of Jon's pieces in my car as the years go by.
Doug M
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I have installed Jon's new ISB (ignition switch by-pass). The quality and detail of the product as stated by others is beautiful. And the instructions are very clear even for the mechanically challenged.

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Jon is a straight shooter and offers the real deal. I am incorporating many of his products into my build. They include the ATO fuse panel, headlamp controller, console switch controller, and his LED tail lamps. I am installing four HID headlamps on the car, and he was able to modify the headlamp controller to keep all of the HID's on hi beam, while leaving the lo beams on while the headlamps are on at all times.

If you are looking for something that is made to fail from Taiwan that costs $20, then go elsewhere. If you want the best that American engineering can offer for the best high quality products, then Pantera Electronics is your one stop shop. The other thing that makes Jon's electronics great is that he has engineered them especially for the Pantera and the Pantera only. The fit to our quirky cars is the best, bar none.

I could go on and on -- you really will be satisfied and one cannot go wrong. Can all of these posts be made up? Don't think so.

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Agree with all the above comments. I've installed the ATO fuse panel and plan to install Jon's other works of art over time.

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I just installed the ATO fuse panel this weekend, and couldn't be more pleased. My electric fans are working again Smiler This was the first addition I made to the car and think this is something every Pantera owner should upgrade to. I looked at the stock unit, and it looked like the contacts had been repaired at some point. Get rid of those electrical gremlins! Jon makes a quality product, and I will definitely be back for more.
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