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Well, the AC didn't work on the Vegas trip and today was the day to troubleshoot. Hooked up my gauges and no pressure on either side - not a good sign, eh? Frowner

Grabbed one of my $20 cans of R12 and my side tap fitting and fed it in, engine running, to find the leak. Went to grab my electronic sniffer, but then I saw the foaming oil mess pouring out of the condenser. Eeker

So, I need a new condenser. Seems like the perfect time to upgrade the condenser and fan, right?

A little fabrication doesn't bother me at all, though I do want to try to keep my hoses and will NOT switch from R12. And I'm keeping it in the stock location.

So, who has done what or bought what from whom?

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Bill G. (last push button) installed a set up from a Mitsubishi, dual fans & big condensor. Looks like a nice set up. I doubt if the trunk tub will fit over the set up however.

You can check it out in issue 127. And he's posted pics here too.

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Bill has contacted me off list with his help - thanks, Bill.

In my research, I have learned that the newer design serpentine and parallel flow condensers are more efficient than our stock tube and fin design, and thus a smaller and thinner, newer unit can do just as good a job as our OEM unit. Not sure if Jack's DeRyke's Toyota unit (found doing an archive search) fits the newer description, but if it does then it may be better, or at least as good as, despite being thinner. Our stock unit is about 10 3/4x16 1/2 x2, but I haven't found any newer units that small.

I'm looking at a generic 12x20x3/4" parallel flow unit as my potential replacement. Vintage Air has a unit with condenser, shroud and Spal fan (12x20x4) for $199. I've done some cardboard mock-ups, and the 12x20 can easily be made to fit, even with the tub in place. This unit IS a parallel flow unit, compatible with R12 and R134.

That 12x20 gives about 35% more surface area and the parallel flow units are said to be 30% more efficient for equal sized tube and fin units. Thus that size should easily be at least 50% more efficient than the stock unit.


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Sounds great Larry! Keep us posted on your progress with pics too.


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Well.. you'll have that from time to time... espesilly on small jobs...
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I just can't tell you how pleased I am with my setup. We used the original hoses and crimped on new ends in the NAPA parking lot. I have NEVER vacuumed this system. I did however check the little cone shaped screen st the evaporator and it was perfectly clean. 134a. Remember r12 is "a thing of the past" Chill out and stay cool Big Grin

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Does the bucket still fit? What set up is this?
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I bought a parallel flow condenser from AC Kits in AZ when I upgraded my A/C a while back. The condenser was a little larger than stock. So, I fabricated a shroud and installed a 1000 cfm fan, too.

Ron Lee

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When I decided to make the change to R134 I replaced the condenser with a thicker unit from Pantera of Colorado. I am still using the stock fan but would like to find one that pulls more air if that is possible. The hoses were all replaced and a new rotary compressor was installed along with a R134 expansion valve. I tried the system with the original expansion valve and it didn't work as well as I had expected.

With a 90 degree outside air temperature, I have 38 degree air from the interior outlet ducts. I do have to agree that once you start going above 90 mph the air flow through the condenser is reduced and the duct outlet air temperature begins to rise. Taking the trunk liner out also seems to hurt condenser performance, but I seldom drive the car without the liner installed.

If I ever do anything to this system again, I will relocate the condenser to the front of the car and not have to worry about limited surface area or lack of air flow at high speeds. I also like the idea of eliminating the rear condenser fan and reducing the electrical load on the system.
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