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Sites like Trovit or any other site that doesn't list the seller's contact info are nothing but aggregator sites and should be avoided!

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Yeah exactly why I would never do an auction (well maybe except to buy cheap or if I needed nursing home money for quick sale!).

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absolutely, they didn't even talk about the car at all. Wonder if they even know anything about one of the rarest vehicles on the planet.

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Great! Watched it on line & glad you had a reserve on it. They shoulda opened the engine bay on stage for the bling factor, bada...

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I have seen one the for sale cars in the UK... and here says the location Kokomo... How....

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In the UK there was a '68 in restoration - I believe it was for sale. Cheeers.

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Springbok had all the suspension except for the uprights (A-arms, steering knuckles, Koni shocks, bushings, heim-joints). All was sold.

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Himark, Very interested also. Please send any additional photos and info to: Thanks, and I look forward to...

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I am interested. Call me at 9729983066. Dropped mine of at a shop to have cleaned and the worker mistakenly put it with the scrap metal.

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Good luck. You might try a group in Germany called Springbok. About a year ago they had a very impressive collection of original, never...