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My understanding is single pod dashes and vin#s are not a hard and fast rule! In Italy they often mixed these things in production.

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I was under the impression the single pod dash didn’t start being used until just prior to 5200. I know for sure 5165 didn’t have one.

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George, that would be MUCH appreciated!! Serenissima & Volpi really catch my attention. (I recall seeing a heavily cropped picture...

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Dashes were based on when in 1973 the cars were made! The "later" cars in 1973 had the single pod dash! Cheers Warren

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Interesting that my car 4975 has the dual pod dash vs the single pod on your 4981

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Previous Ball Joint Threads closed for replies, so... Has anyone tried these ball joints Beck Arnley 101-3618 for Fiat 124 front upper?

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I am befuddled with two questions . . . first, is "ejection" referring to quick removal of the passenger a la JB's DB5 ? second, why...

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anybody know the vin? only because of the earlier round marker lights, I am thinking around 8ma950...(the earliest 2 headlight car...

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Denis you're getting ahead of me. Thanks to those who have shown interest, I'm working on the story …. but its not ready to post … and I...
George P

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Negative. George it's in 2421 isn't that just crazy???? 1/72 data tag. I just knew you'd scratch you head on ~this~ one, lol

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De Tomaso's Serenissima prototype (Ghia GT) had been in the possession of Count Volpi since new (after being shown at the Turin, Geneva,...
George P

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I only want to know is why is she barefoot? I'm imagining the entire story culminates with this statement: "So, it was agreed that the...