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There would be two likely sources. One is the rear seal on the crankshaft. The original was the "rope" type which literally is a rope...

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...Second Photo is 'Leaving Holiday Inn, Pahrump, NV', Saturday Morning. (No!, the Spot of Oil on the Ground was Left from a Previous...

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The Battery Tender trickle charger is a good product. It won't overcharge a battery and for a vehicle that isn't driven very often, it...

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I have found Interstate makes a great product. Put it on a battery tender - lasts a long, long time

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After 2 red and 2 yellow optimas, for me it's a no-go using this product in the future. Overpriced and not worth it for the time being.

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Kirk, Thanks for the 101 on the mounts . Was nice catching up the other day. Can't wait to see your current project. Jerry

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I have a set of 10" and 8" that are powder coated and ready to go. But, to be honest I have too much tied up in them. I would only be...

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I have to agree that some batteries are not what they use to be quality wise. I had two unsealed batteries fail in only three years in...

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I'm a former Optima user. I have three dead ones here on the floor trying to figure out how to recycle them right. I would say that 15...

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My experience on Optima is TERRIBLE. Got a brand new red top well left the ignition ON hence DEEP discharge..Battery way to...

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Optima took back my red top battery after if finally became too weak to start my Pantera when it was warmed up. If I recall it was 14...

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Thanks Kirk! Is this issue usually more pronounced on the drivers side mount?

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My optima lasted over ten years in my car. It started rolling the starter over slow so I pulled it out. Now it's on a solar panel...

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BTW. Don't shop for the battery by giving the car model. It's irrelevant, just get the most CCA that you can and that will fit That...

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Have you measured to see if there is a current draw with the car switched off?

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If you got 10 years from any battery...Extremely rare, then I would stick with it for sure. Of course experiences vary depending on the...

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The Optima battery is physically smaller than the original Pantera battery. Optima's "long" dimension is only 10", which would require...

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Update..Optima's website states that they don't have a battery to fit a 71 Pantera and refers me to who forwards me to ...

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If Mike does not have all of them, I may be able to help. What is your vin? before or after 2000? My email is

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I have many of the parts you’re looking for. You can reach me thru email. . Thanks

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I am the new owner:-). I have had many Panteras in the past (5) and now I am back in the community and I am starting to make a plan for...