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Reply to "1974 PANTERA for sale"

Originally posted by king:
fyi....all of the 1974 pantera gts that were imported into the united states were either silver,maroon or goldenrod yellow. if your gts is red like the pictures show it must be a european model.beautiful car.just my 2 cents for whatever its worth, mike...

Mike, the serial number is showing a GT in it. A Euro GTS would not have that. Only a US GTS does.

I don't know if the seller is still claiming the car to be 100% original BUT to my knowledge NO US Panteras were equipped from Detomaso with 10" Campis in the back.

In fact, if you look in the US Pantera parts book, there is NO part number for them through the Ford system.

Personally I do remember seeing several US GTS cars new, and those ALL had the 10's on them.

So I guess this is all open to debate but I will say one thing, the Marti report on them WILL NOT show 10" Campis on the window sticker.

What colors were available? Don't ask me. Never saw a yellow or a red. Just Silver. Maybe a very dark red or maroon? They weren't exactly common and the ones I saw were all hovering around Rockland County and Bob Grossman's "exotic" car dealership. More often then not going the opposite direction and disappearing rapidly.

Shouldn't the blacked out paint show metallic in it for a factory US GTS?

It isn't just wheels. US cars had the big bumpers. Never had burlwood dash boards.

I suppose post the Marti report for documentation on those kind of claims?

To me it stands as it is without the necessity of making any kind of exaggerations at all which you can not defend.

Sales people often stir a hornets nest over making inaccurate claims because of their exuberance to sell. I get that. It isn't necessary and it just throws up a caution flag.

This one certainly has some of the "flavor" of the original for sure but is hardly original as shown now.

Want me to start listing the obvious? Oh...I guess I already started that right? Did I mention US cars never had the European roof antenna?

Nice car. Very nice car. It stands VERY well by itself without false claims, is a US GTS and IS going to sell on that. No need to have Pinocchio's nose growing needlessly. Wink

Personally I don't think the price is out of line at all from what I see either.


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