Reply to "1974 PANTERA for sale"

All this is fine I suppose but I fear that what is being created is the "Pantera Secret Police".

I am well versed in the Shelby Secret Police. I know how to handle them but unfortunately "violence begets violence".

I am past "Hitler's inner circle". He is personally "beholding to me". Some of The "Shelby Secret Police" have been neutered and at least will not be able to procreate.

If they continue though, they WILL do it from afar and not as representatives of SAAC in any way or form.

They in fact have a new commanding officer in charge as a result.

The thing I fear here is that will happen with Panteras. There are indications of that here already.

You HAVE TO BE a knowledgeable buyer. YOU have to be able to see through the BS and identify exactly what you are looking at. No one else can do that for you.

If you aren't and you thought you found something special that no one else knew about then you likely screwed yourself? I see justice in that.

You thought you were a wiseass but you really are only a dumbass.

NO ONE needs someone running around in a cape, mask and spandex tights proclaiming that THEY are this self proclaimed secret super hero that is here saving all others due to his/her own divine magnificence, i.e., magnanimous.

Even if it is just running around over a keyboard.

If you need to do that, do that in private or do that while institutionalized and under the treatment of a Medical Doctor and staff. It really is providing a dis-service to the entire Marque.

They probably can keep you in a group of others with the same affliction. So you won't be alone.

I can save no one. A basis of "lifesaving" is that you can't save someone else if you can't save yourself first. That should be self evident to all?

Mark. Why haven't you re-introduced yourself ? We all know it is you?