(2) 74 complete Panteras for restore $25K

Many have asked for more information on the two panteras... $25K is for the whole lot with no wishes to seperate or part out. That is left up to the buyer but maybe this will be of interest to someone with the skills to bring back these puppies,

___Restorers find! Two complete 1974 Panteras in Jacksonville!
$25,000 takes it all

Had the opportunity over the weekend to go and meet Jim McMillan who has had these two cars in storage for the last 15 years or so�. The story is as follows�Back in 1985 Jim came across a small dealership that had these two vehicles along with a bunch of parts and such that had been purchased from the Lincoln-Mercury dealership when they scrapped their Pantera program. When Jim purchased the cars he got the whole lot as the dealer no longer had use for all of the extra parts with getting rid of the Panteras. A partial list is below. Jim is putting the pictures together on a webpage for all to look at very soon or I have some that I can forward upon request. For Jim the issue is not relishing going back and forth to the storage units showing to people who may not completely understand what is necessary to bring the cars back to life. Thus, this is a summary combined with pictures to help answer as many questions as you can so as to not waste your time, nor Jim�s, in all fairness. It is my efforts only to see that they leave the �Doom of Storage� they are in and come up with a win/win for someone out there looking for a great project and for Jim to sell these two. It must be added that Jim has said that the extra parts and cars remain together � that he will not part them out in an effort to give whoever buys the two the best deal. I have to admit the rims and 4 bolt main 351 block are a bit appetizing on their own but they go with the cars.

Here�s a little of what I got to see . A black and a silver Pantera.

Understandably the cars had not been fired up during this time (shameful I know) so we never bothered trying to due to the fuel obviously going bad and the battery dead. Both cars had been driven into the storage without having had engine problems so it is in my opinion the engines and transmission are fine but I would rebuild the engines regardless. That length of time with no turning over is risky. (ie. Seals drying out, no oil having been circulated, etc) Looking over the engines I saw no visible signs of oil leaks or obvious problems.

Dusty�.. Complete L series models with American bumbers. Here the question is rust and yes the panels have them along with the headlamp covers. It should be pointed out that these two vehicles are not rust buckets but do require someone who knows they will have to work on the body. For a person who can work on cutting out the bad areas themselves and weld then they will have no problems. For someone who needs to have it taken to a body shop to do these repairs it is best to figure what those costs would be in addition. Regardless a full repaint would be necessary. The cars would not move due to seized calipers. Like I said the cars had sat in storage for the last 15 years in Florida humidity and it is the effects of such.

Black one: both rocker panels have some small rust through holes, the front bumper structure is shot and the lower crossmembers is flaking lots of rust all across it. There is a small patch of rust on the roof near the back that is not yet through. The exhaust pipes are rusted through in a few places. All other visible areas in the engine bay are solid.

Silver one: right rocker panel has small holes, left side behind front wheel inside/underside of rocker panel has a rust hole and is flaking rust, right front headlight is heavily blistered the lower crossmember is flaking lots of rust all across it and has holes, and rear lid has small rust holes on the back facing face. All other visible areas in the engine bay are solid.

Extra parts�
3 D16y-6328161B door jam left
3 D16y-6328160B door jam right
1 front lower right panel (goes around parking light)
10 Taillight assys new
7 Campy wheels used condition unknown
1 Front bumper new
1 Cleveland block (4bolt main) & misc engine parts used condition unknown
4 trunk supports new
10 boxes of weather strip for doors, windshield, engine compartment and trunk.I think new
1 extra engine compartment tray used
1 Hood used
2 radiators used condition unknown
1 muffler new
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