3 Panteras FOR SALE

Mike Mayberry had asked "send me a customer," but I can only be the messenger here...

He has the 1972 Pre L # 3634 FOR SALE on this forum > Cars for Sale > and 2 others he mentioned to me.


1974 White "Bone Stock" Never had a radio installed or any add ons. 18,000 miles.

1972 Pre L White Hall 17" Campy clones, polished trans, real nice car. $ 37,900

Mike Mayberry
Mayberry Lincoln Mercury
4437 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91602

In my opinion a perspective buyer could go look at 3 cars at once. What an opportunity to see 3 up close with a guy that has had more than a few.

My Pantera; # 3463, was treated to a Mike Mayberry cosmetic and mechanical restoration, then sold by Mike in Summer 2003. I have since taken it to the next level but am thankful to have had Mike's touch 1st.



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