Reply to "#5177 has left the Barn"

While it's on a rotisserie, now is the time to address strengthening the chassis.  The following are good to do even for a street driven car, otherwise you will experience cracking in your new paint at all the usual locations - base of the front A-pillers adjacent to the windshield, y-area curve at the top of the rear quarter decklid opening, and outside lower corners at the tail lights...

Seam-weld the entire car.  Once stripped, you'll see in the engine bay that all the panels are merely spot welded together.  Many have found when restoring their cars that a number or the spot welds have let go over the years, further contributing to body flex and cracking. Welding these seams will significantly strengthen the entire chassis/structure of the car.

Also, weld in 18 gauge doublers at the key locations where the body tends to crack...

  • Lower windshield posts
  • "Y" area aft of gills
  • "L" doubler at taillights


More info on this thread:

I've been told that Dennis Qualla in Colorado sells the aforementioned body doublers. Other vendors may have them as well.

Regardless of whether you intend to drive the car hard or not, simply going in and out of driveways subjects the car to substantial body twist/flex and will lead to cracking.  These mods help prevent that.

Anyway, keep the pics and updates coming!