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Originally posted by RT66_Pantera:
Purchase Price $25,000 4/27/05

Purchased the car in SoCal (always a SoCal car)from the second owner. He had the car for thirty years. Garage kept at all times. Car had the Master Brake cylinder upgrade, Center Force clutch upgrade. Car is Yellow, Interior 8, Body&paint 10, Tires are 30 years old I give it a (-10), Low mileage 56(k). Motor runs srong, ZF shifts smooth, however, I need to replace some shift linkage parts. Shifter pin and bushings worn, Trunion bearing, boots etc.

All systems seem to work. Except Air....I will upgrade to Sanden R134A compressor and relocate the AC condensor to front.

No rust detected except under front trunk felt. minor).

HMMM... where to start! (WHEELS & TIRES)!
Making my wish list now!!!!

WOW - AM I HAPPY !!!!!

That's not fair!! You didn't buy that car you stole it. You should have paid the guy more for a car like that. Don't you feel guilty?? Big Grin