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Originally posted by Husker:
Has the engine been run? Dynoed?

Sorry was out of state for a few weeks...
No, still in long block form.. Motor was built by Speed-O-Motive in Covina, Ca. We estimated between 450-500 HP conservative.

Motor Specs

Sonic tested
Line bore/Hone/Deck/Bore/deck plate
CNC - stroker clearance block
Drill/Tap Block for lifter retainer kit
Glyptol - seal lifter valley
Brass freeze plugs
Balanced 408 Stroker kit w/ I beam rods
Install Cam Bearings
ARP - main stud kit
ARP - rod bolts
Heads (D1AE-GA)
dipped and enamel coated
Drill/Tap - screw in rocker studs
Manley – Guide Plates
ARP – Rocker Stud Kit
Bronze valve guides
Hardened valve seats
Manley (11805-8) S/D 1.710 SS Valves
Manley (11800-8) S/D 2.190 SS Valves
Positive valve stem seals 11/32
ARP (154-3604) Head bolt kit
Composite Head Gasket Set
Rotating Assembly
408 Stroker Kit
Forged 4340 Nitride Crank
4.00” stroke
17.5CC Forged Dish (Keith Black)
JP – Plasma Rings
Full Floating H-Beam Rods (Summit) 6.00”
Melling - HV Oil Pump -(MEL-M-84AHV)
ARP - Oil pump shaft (154-7905)
Aviaid - 10 qt oil pan
Water restrictor Brass
Cloyes – Double Roller timing set or Gear Drive your choice - Have Both
Fluid Balancer – 50oz - Balaned to Rotating Assembly
ARP - Balancer Bolt
Comp FC 304RF-HR10 Roller (32-651-8)
Comp FS-O-E Hydraulic Roller Lifters (851-16)
Comp Valve Bee Hive springs (924-16)
Comp 1.550 Steel Retainers
Comp 11/32 Super Lock (611-16)
Comp 1.7 Pro Magnum Roller Rockers (1330-16)
Comp 3/8 – Hardened pushrods
Cam Thrust Retainer
MSD - digital 7 Box
MSD – distributor
MSD – tach adaptor
MSD – coil
MSD – coil bracket
Polished and Clear Powdercoated Torker 2 Intake
Polished Demon Carb
Polished Hy-Tek Dual Air Cleaner
Centerforce Flywheel (Balanced to Rotating Assembly
Centerforce Clutch and Pressure Plate
Pilot Bushing
HV Fuel Pump
Polished and Clear Powdercoated Motor Mounts
HV - Water Pump
March Serpentine Pulleys

Any questions Call Me...909-374.8656