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Reply to "72 Pantera for trade?"

I live 20 minutes from Sears Point Raceway, and plan to do some track days with my car, if it doesn't sell.

I kind of move from dream to dream. Owning a Pantera was one dream I've had since I was 13-14. Now that I've accomplished that dream, I AM happy, and enjoying driving and owning the car.

A bigger, longer dream of mine has been to fly, and own an airplane, and I just discovered that I actually CAN afford to do just that. I'd always considered owning a plane was just WAY out of my abilities, but I've learned that there's lots of cheap planes out there.

I'm buying a plane in a month or so, whether I sell the car or not. Flying is just a whole new world, and VERY cool. I've found a plane that I'll be looking at soon in Arizona, may just fly it home.

IF, my Pantera sells, then that opens up new level of planes I can shop for, but it doesn't matter either way. I'll be up there enjoying the skies either way. Taking lessons right now. Should have my license in a couple months, and may even finish my lessons in my own airplane! That'll save me 5 or 6 grand in lessons costs, because the plane rental is the expensive part.

Again, good luck with your sale.

Originally posted by kghills:
Thank you Mike for your input, it is appreciated. I went and took a look at your add and car. Nice Pantera. Sort of what I am used to seeing. The all stock cars while very nice in my opinion are more for the collectors not the enthusiasts. I am an enthusiast. It is hard to own a Pantera and not dream about performance enhancements if you drive the car I would think. So much potential there. For me living so close to Road America it seemed natural to build the car for some light track work the first couple years I owned it. Very fun. To experience a track like Road America is almost beyond explanation. I had spectated for years, one corner or a straight at a time. Amazing to take in the entire track and experience not only the turns but the changes in elevation. What the car was designed to do. Did it affect the value? Maybe, but not to me, just after 20 some years of ownership and declining interest I thought a new babysitter may be in order. When I take a look on Ebay and other for sale services I am just amazed at what Mustangs sell for now. Surely a Pantera with performance modifications should approach 100K and a 100% unmolested museum piece even more. For me I think what I am asking is in the right range. A 2013-2014 Shelby like I am looking for will always be out there and most likely be worth less and more affordable every day in the near future. Trading the Pantera just seems a way for me to justify getting a newer performance car. Most likely I will get one whether the Pantera sells or not. Just had a bug to put the car out there after all these years I guess.

Thanks again to all for the opinions. Sort of makes me want to add a chassis stiffening kit and carbon fiber hood and deck lid to the car.