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Reply to "72 Pantera for trade?"

Originally posted by kghills:
Originally posted by PanteraDoug:
I think it is going to go for a lot more than 35. Roll Eyes

These posts are all just criticisms that we all must survive when we go to sell.

Why others who have a Pantera also are being stressed because "you" are getting way too much for the car is beyond me? I don't understand that? A rising tide floats all boats?

Everything works for you and against you at the same time. Originality vs. modified.

It's always 'too something'? You are either too tall or too short? Too smart or too stupid? etc, etc, etc. Is anything or anyone ever just right?

I see it as similar to getting a job based upon your resume? The same credentials that got you hired are going to be the reason that the company fires you when 'they" deem it necessary and you are now in the way?

You just saved them the effort and documented it for them in your own resume.

Yes, I think your on the money with originality vs modified. It may always be too something. For me being I built the car a number of years back and built it to suite me I guess I did not really think about it being to anything to anyone else.

How does it all work out when it comes time to sell? Thinking about putting on my big boy pants and makinging it a straight out auction. 110 watchers, 3 thousand views, its over 50K now and ends in 4 days around noon. Might make a nice Christmas present for somebody.


There is definitely something in the air? I wouldn't make too quick of a decision. The buy it now is reasonable in my view.

You simply can't build one for that money now.

Most recently the Ford GT's were "kicking around" for about $125k.

You would be pressed to find one under $250k at the moment.

There are definitely people on the hunt right now for Panteras BEFORE they become un-affordable.

You don't turn down this kind of a car because you don't like the wheels?