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Reply to "72 Pantera for trade?"

Originally posted by Rocky:
So what really happened?

You met your reserve, and the car appears to be sold at a price of 60K....

Seems like the eBay auction did what it was supposed to do, based on the parameters the seller set up prior to auction start.....

Did the auction winner back out after submitting a winning bid?


Rocky, the short answer is he did not expect to hit the reserve with his bid. To his credit he did call me immediately after the auction and explain his situation. I'm not going to get to hung up on it at this point. I relisted the car as a straight auction. That shouldn't confuse people as much hopefully. In any case depending on the weather I plan to pick up a 2013 GT500 next week. The Shelby might just need to sit in the trailer till spring when I can make a little more room if the Pantera does not sell.

I still think the Pantera should be an 85k type car. I would think 60 is being very fair and would hope it goes to a good home.