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Reply to "72 Pantera for trade?"

Originally posted by MarsRed:

Glad to hear you've found your Shelby.

If you have problems with storage, I could always store it for you out here in Blue Mounds. Big Grin I promise not to put too many miles on it...

It'd be right next to that 350SBC CJ-5 you sold me the carb for, a few years back!

I've been silently watching this thread, wishing you luck on the sale, but partially hoping your car stays in the neighborhood.

Paul Underwood

Hey Paul, nice to hear from you again. Cool your still getting your Pantera fix by reading the forum here. Looks like I might need to in the future also. Thanks for the storage offer. I'm hoping I can figure something out. I think there were two open bays at the shop when I left for Mertyle Beach. Probably slide the Shelby in one for now but I'll keep you in mind my friend. It's looking like the Pantera might go far away. I'll have more info the middle of next week I think and update the thread when I can