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Reply to "Seeking advice regarding component selection for an 8 stack E.F.I. induction"

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Redline of Australia is the original manufacturer of the IR manifold with the built-in vacuum box. Its a 2V manifold with enough "flange" around the runners to seal-up around the ports of a 4V head. It uses intermediate adapters allowing it to be configured for either IDA or IDF bolt patterns. For that reason, its a tall manifold.

Redline_Manifold 1Redline_Manifold 2

The Borla manifold below has a similar box, but its not the same manifold.  I'd guess they've designed their own manifold. You can see a corner of the box which has been added in the middle of the valley.


Below is the Aussie Speed of Australia IDF manifold, which like the Redline manifold is a 2V manifold  with enough "flange" around the runners to seal-up around the ports of a 4V head.

Aussie Speed IDA

Below is the Hall manifold being used for IR fuel injection.

Hall Pantera mnaifold 2

Below is the Hilborn "3 piece" EFI manifold for small block Fords. It provides manifold and throttle bodies all-in-one. Each bank of throttle bodies has a one piece shaft for the butterflies. Only linkage is that connecting one bank to the other. This gets my vote.

Hilborn manifold for SBF


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  • Redline_Manifold 1
  • Redline_Manifold 2
  • Aussie Speed IDA
  • Hall Pantera mnaifold 2
  • Hilborn manifold for SBF
  • borla
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