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The "EFI Hardware" manifold looks like an identical casting to the manifold in the Borla picture.

You don't need the vacuum box.

There are 8 port "distribution blocks" on the market that are perfect for the PCV plumbing … or MAP sensor . Tack it to the bottom of the manifold, plumb it to all 8 runners from underneath, and one connection for the PCV valve or sensor. The whole assembly is out of view. This one is Edelbrock #76578.


Another neat trick for individual runner induction is a separate electric powered vacuum supply for the brake booster. It eliminates the power brake vacuum plumbing as an eyesore or a plumbing issue.  Providing vacuum to the booster this way is common these days for electric cars, turbo & super charger applications, customs, and drag racing. 

A few OEMs have small, quiet, electric vacuum pumps. Add a small tank for volume & a vacuum switch to turn the pump on & off. I think there are some all-in-one units too; as I remember Audi has one that is popular.

Mount this vacuum "assembly" below the car, immediately under the brake booster. All that is needed is a 12 volt wire for power, and a short vacuum hose to the booster.


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