Attn: Chuck Huber. "Y-Spoke Wheels" available in larger diameters and widths.

I fell in love with the Pantera in 1971, back then it had a specific look. I have no interest in altering its appearance (I prefer the Pre-L appearance). I want the car to be my daily driver until my license is revoked (due to age). Like those of you who want to DRIVE your cars, I wrestle between originality and practicality. Tires and wheels are one of the big issues.

I have a set of OEM wheels stacked in my storage unit. I also have Wilwood 4 piston brakes (12.19 rotors) that fit within the original wheels. But in terms of daily driving, I prefer something other than BF Goodrich tires for my mid-engine Italian sports car.

I have been considering the wheels below:

TSW Nurburgring

It is a super-strong rotary forged wheel, available in three finishes. I've had my eye on 18x8.5 (20mm offset) front and 20x10.5 (25mm offset) rear. These wheels would match tires in sizes 245/35ZR18 front and 295/30ZR20 rear. There are 8 tire sets currently available in those sizes on The Tire Rack website.

The front wheels would only require 4mm spacers (to achieve 16mm offset), the rear wheels only 7mm spacers (to achieve 18mm offset). The spacers are so thin the wheels shouldn't require longer studs. BUT … the open wheel design would require an upgrade in brakes to look its best. Scott at SACC would be there to help in that concern (providing Wilwood brakes) … and I wouldn't mind the appearance OR performance of low profile tires and large cross-drilled brakes. Would you?

Chuck (Rocky) has mentioned interest in wheels that look like this. So I'm calling this particular wheel to his attention. And of course, several of you may have the same opinion as Chuck. Anyway this wheel is available from TSW with bolt patterns that fit the Pantera (5x114.3mm) in many diameters, widths, offsets; and in 3 finishes.

Here's a link:



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