Reply to "Attn: Chuck Huber. "Y-Spoke Wheels" available in larger diameters and widths."

I went by and talked to a distributor.

The wheels in this size are available with a ~6 day lead time.


Front: 18 x 8.5" $288 ea.

Rear:  20 x 10.5" $368 ea.

Not too bad actually.  I didn't inquire about tires (I should have).


My current technical question is:  The risk of the studs being long enough with the spacers...  I would prefer not to get into a "stud replacement" project, that could be a lot of work...


My current aesthetic question (which I have to answer) is:  How will these look on a Pantera with the ribs fully positioned on the outside of the tire?  It's illustrated in Jan's picture, above.  Based on a lot of the wheels used on our cars (and that I have grown used to), the wheel centers are inset into the tires, sometimes quite deeply.  The TSW configuration is a bit different than I had in my mind.


I know there is a thread on wheel fitment pictures, I need to spend some tome browsing it, and see some similar examples.  I went to the TSW site, but they don't have a Pantera in their library of cars....


Thanks again, George for pointing this option out.