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Reply to "black bonnet and boot?"

Black in general is just the most difficult and demanding color to keep looking "perfect".

That Pantera hood black color was discussed here before and as memory serves appears to have a "metallic" content to it.

I'm not sure if someone actually came up with the paint formula for it? I'm sure some here devised a replacement for it.

I've been using a "hot rod" satin black, single stage, that uses a hardener and when cured resembles a powder coat finish.

All of these flat or satin colors will tend to water spot if left to dry in the sun.

The black ceramic coating that's being used by some header manufacturers has a "warning disclaimer" that goes with, that says it WILL tend to water spot.

I did not use this paint on the decklids, just parts like the roll bar, suspension parts and the bumpers.

You vary the "texture" of it by varying the air pressure of the paint gun. It's difficult to photograph. You have to see it in person to understand.

You can leave it that way (which I have) or you can wet sand it down to get a smoother finish.

It is most accurately described as a "satin" color and does have a satin glow to it in the sunlight. It certainly works with the Detomaso red in that they both seem to pick up added life in the sunlight and almost add a third dimension of depth to the life of the paint.

It reminds me of the almost surrealistic dimensionality that hot air balloons have against a bright blue sky. It's an interesting effect in my case against the red paint.

This is a picture of it on my front bumper which is fiberglass. I personally like the effect. It is smooth but reads like it has a texture to it.


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