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Thanks, Kirk -

I can see this will likely turn into an interesting thread.

To answer your question on the source of my bumper... the real answer is "I don't know".

I purchased it as an unfinished (white) fiberglass from a Pantera Owner. I didn't get the history. He said he bought it, and then decided not to install it. So I'm not sure if it was a one-off, or someone's production run.

Follow-Up Question: So are you saying if the bumper fits (generally, but is too short), it's easier to build up the outside edges with material, than it is to split the bumper and fiberglass it up? Thanks.

The primary visual problem is not having the bumper mounting perimeter on the ends not close to the body in some areas. If the bumper is a bit lower and narrower, once mounted your eye will not go to it but if it has big gaps, it looks nasty. Also the hood hits in the corners unless there are clearance so check that. In your case buy the way this looks, you would be adding a ton of filler to do a match fit so it may be better to split the bumper, slide in a hard wood support between the pieces moving it to the desired width and re-glass the halves. That will add clearance to the hood edges.

Here is a shot of the front split bumper that has beef fitted. You can see the gaps are even.


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