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Reply to "body repair questions"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by comp2:
My headlight buckets had individual bolts. It was a PTA. I made a nut plate which made bolting on and adjusting the buckets a lot easier:

Really nice work. Love the door holing fixtures. I use simple slip sleeve bolt locks like your door adjuster has to find the vertical location on all of my caster fixtures also.

Question---How did you mount the headlight bar back into the car? The ends are short, right? Did you add length to the bar after the install or is this a custom opening mechanism?

I mount the lid tabs to a 1/2 sleeve that attaches to the lift bar. That way you can adjust the buckets into the openings by holding the split sleeve with hose clamps. Here is a shot of the split bar mount modified to be installed on the main drive bar later. You can replace the bar bushing and use collar locks to hold the side to side position. The bar slides into the mounts in one piece but you have to have the drive gear removed. And if both fenders are still on, you will need to cut a hole in one fender to put the bar back into the car. Sounds horrible but it's simple to butt weld the hole shut and hammer the seams---there is room.


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