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Reply to "body repair questions"

Originally posted by Kirk Evans:

The 2 primary reasons the window drags are from the center guide bar no having the original washers re-installed at the top and it's in a bind or the vent window felt channel gets replaced and the new material is not the correct size and/or is was not notched at the top to allow the clearance for the upper mounting bar which is screwed into the top of the door and is welded in the window guide channel. The are numerous other combinations of reasons---those are the primary ones and the window drag will weaken the motor over time---you third reason.

You should pull the window mounts and test slide the window first. If it moves up and down by hand without dragging, the rest is adjustment details. I can go through the process once your sure the glass slides OK.

On possible reason is most of the center bars do not have the same ark as the window and that is critical because it will glide smooth in some areas and bind in others. I bench fit every window now to make sure the guide bar is arked correctly.

Here is a shot of a window bolted to the drive in a rolled down position. I am holding the guide bar down---it was adjusted and greased at this point and is sliding smooth.


Thank you very much for the info.
I will pull the door panel off and check all the points you mentioned. Over the years I have replaced the glass, installed taurus motors and replaced the outer cat whiskers. Somewhere along the way I messed up the adjustments.

The car is in hibernation mode right now in a friends garage. As soon as spring shows up and I get it home I will tear it apart and check everything you mentioned and let you know.

Thanks again,

Doug M