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Hi Kirk:
Thanks for volunteering so much info to forum members. I’ll take you up on your offer for expertise on mounting mirrors.
I currently just have a driver-side mirror which is glued to the vent window. It vibrates too much to be very useful, so I bought a different set of mirrors from one of the vendors. They came with a tube of Goop adhesive for mounting, but the back of the mirrors don’t really have any flat surfaces that would mate well with the window, and furthermore I have read about the poor adhesion properties of glass possibly resulting in an untimely detachment of the mirror at some point.
I had read either here or in the POCA email forum about fabricating plastic vent windows at home, then drilling through those to mount a mirror. Sounds ambitious but I was prepared to go that route. I would love to hear a better idea if you have one.
For a bonus question, these mirrors have motors in them, but in terms of wiring it’s just three wires coming out of a hole in the back. If you have an idea of how to figure out which connector to attach to them, and which controller would work with them, that would be great. The vendor just advised me to “look on ebay”—not a big help.
Thanks in advance for your advice!


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