Reply to "Can I remove and grease the shaft & bushings on the lower rear A-Arms without removing the whole suspension?"

bosswrench posted:

The design of the rear upright pivot is such that to seal off weather, both o-rings in the stack must be compressed. ...

Those rather stiff outer o-rings must be squeezed a bit to get the assembly in between the lower legs but still keep water out. You do NOT want the system to just slip together! If they do, water can get in.

. . it takes pry bars and a 12" c-clamp to force the parts back together. ******* grease helps.

I really appreciate sharing your experience and knowledge.   Please don't take my comments as a challenge or disagreement, they are just my thoughts actually just more of a rambling.

Over the years I worked devices requiring o-rings.  I have observed there are actually significant considerations to achieve a proper seal.   Over compression was a common failure mode that sometimes was caused directly be the designer.  The groove geometry, oring cross section and durometer not being totally compatible.

I recall one investigation into a "it is suppose too hard to assembly" where choosing a smaller cross section made assembly "normal" AND increased the operational time before leaks reoccurred

Me not being able to observe what seems to be the smallest component of the assembly causes me anxiety.   Just another of the details I wish I could put my hands on.  

Guess I need to take a benzodiazepine and try not to think about things so much