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Do Australian built 351C have the same "weaknesses" as US built 351C?

Dear forum members,

I understand there may be a problem with the cast valves on the US-produced 351c and that they should be replaced (they may break and ruin your engine?!). Do anyone know if this also complies to the Australian build engines? My Longchamp (#3259) was build in 1984, engine no. 351/1366.


Is there other known issues with the Australian build engines I should be aware of?  I found another article on the connection rod nuts and guess I also should replace them? I want to keep the drive train as original as possible, but do the necessary changes to extend the life of the engine and car.

It seems the Longchamp 3000-series delivers around 290 PS when new. Do this means it has the closed chamber cylinder heads?

On wikipedia it says the engines was tuned in Switzerland before being installed. Do anyone know if they did major changes on the engine in this process?

Regards Robert


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