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Reply to "Chassis # 8735"

I don't understand why you would ask if the fenders are squared?

George did not ask that.

He asked this:

"...what do the wheel houses look like in the engine compartment? Are they rounded one piece stampings, or are they squared-off with sharp creases and sharp corners?"

It is going to be hard to help you if your reading comprehension skills prevent you from clearly understanding what we write.

You also wrote:

"Please provide any information or direction privately."

The subject of your uncommon VIN is of interest to all of us. Taking this thread to private messages deprives The Family of the opportunity to gain knowledge, spark memories, and keep the thread updated and archivally available for future readers.

As for photos, yes it is a pain to have to resize them to less than 300KB. A work-around is to upload your photos to a photo-sharing website and post URL links to those individual photos in your postings to this forum.

We are trying to help you here. Please work with us, not against us.