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Reply to "Chassis # 8735"

I am sorry that I seem defensive, as I am not. I am extremely frustrated with being initidated with responses that are obvious. After reading all the responses let's digress and stop with the insulting exchange.

I first will apologize to the group for my sharp responses!

So we can establish a baseline I will give u a summary of my background and knowledge level. As I stated in previous messages, I have owned 3-Panteras, to which I have performed most of the work myself. I am not only a Pantera enthusiast, but love the styling of Old English cars...... I have personally performed ground up restorations on three Austin Healy 3000s, one MGA, and have fixed and sold more than 50 other classics. I have other restoration projects under way as we speak. So I am capable of welding, and completely disssemblying and re-assembling cars. I typically leave rebuilding engines and trannys to the experts, but have done both in the past.

That being said, I know my way around a car, and vehicle ID plates. I already know this Pantera has an unusual plate over the footwell, and is missing the plate on the rear inside fender well. The ID plates on the dash and in the door look authentic, with the one on the door having engraved letters on the ID plate. It is not an aftermarket printed plate.

The bumpers have shocks and are not bolted on, which I understand would make it a US car. The wheels on the car are believe to be incorrect as we all know they are very early single slot Campys. However, I will reserve my opinion on whether they are factory as this car may be a left over pieced-together car assembled in Italy after Ford pulled the plug.

After reading the informative messages (thank you) we know a few things......
1- That this Pantera may be a pieced together car by the factory and imported to the
2-That this Pantera may have been an "after Ford" import that was part of a recall as
this car does in fact have a flat plate tack welded in place over the footwell.
3-That the car was a personally ordered car that was imported in between the last
Ford and the European models produced with the 9000 series.
4-Are we Not suee if this body is a Vignale or a Maggiora? It sounds like since this
car has the rounded fenders it is a Vignale?

If there is something I have missed, please add constructive comments. Again, I apologize for my short, sharp responses. I was frustrated in the process. Please know I appreciate the insightfulness of the group. We will find out the history of this car. Does anyone know the process for researching a VIN in PA? Prior to my ownership, the car was last known to be titled there.

Thank you, Brian