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Chassis Numbers Between 7554 and 9000

If you own or are aware of a Pantera having a chassis number greater than 7554 but less than 9000 I would appreciate knowing so.

I am interested in knowing this info for purely historical reasons, I am always seeking to understand the Pantera's production statistics as accurately as possible, and this is the area that's on my feeble mind at the moment. I don't need the names of owners or anything else, just the chassis numbers. You can share the information here publicly, via a private message or via email ( ) whatever you prefer.

The last Pantera assembled by Ford (Ghia Operations) for import to North America was chassis 7380; De Tomaso continued manufacturing Panteras with Vignale coaches until they ran out of them. The highest sequential chassis number of a Pantera with a Vignale coach I am currently aware of is #7554.

I am also aware however of three non-sequential chassis numbers in the 8000 range! 8471, 8472, and 8660. I assume the Panteras with chassis numbers in the 8000 range were manufactured in early 1976 using Vignale coaches, but that is purely an assumption on my part. Information regarding the build date and the coaches of the Panteras with chassis numbers in the 8000 range would be immensely helpful and appreciated.

De Tomaso claimed there were 7260 Panteras manufactured, currently I can account for 7160 of them.

The statistics I gather will of course be shared with everybody.

Thanks ... and Happy Holidays
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