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Reply to "Concorso Italiano 2016 Photos and Report"

I wish to make special mention of the folks who helped make Tom Tjaarda's visit to Monterey a delightful one for him. Tom McDowell, president of the Concorso, provided his air fare and lodging. Gary Spratling provided professional transportation to and from the air port, plus tickets for the Pebble Beach Concourse (Tom had a strong desire to attend Pebble Beach on Sunday). The PCNC, via their president Forest Goodhart, invited Tom to their Annual Banquet at the Los Laureles lodge on Friday night. Transportation duties outside of the airport were shared by Dave and Linda Adler, Markus Smith, and Larry Finch. All of you have my deepest and most heartfelt thanks.

Thanks to all forum/club members for putting up with how I posted pictures. Posting 59 pictures slowly over a period of two weeks, instead of all at once, was far less stressful.

Commenting on the pictures: I have very little time to take pictures on the day of the event. I use the camera in the auto-focus mode, and I don't use a tri-pod; the auto-focus easily does as good of a job at focusing as I could manually 90% of the time, because my vision is poor. However I can tell the pictures aren't as sharp as they could be, I'm not tryin' to blow smoke up anybody's arse. I'm sure the people who watch me taking pictures on the day of the event are surprised at how well they turn out. When I get home each picture is rotated if necessary, cropped, compressed, and resized. On occasion I adjust color-saturation/contrast/brightness, although the Sony camera I use does a good job in that respect 90% of the time.

Debbie and I are grateful for all those who showed-up at the event as either exhibitors or spectators. We hope in some small way we have touched your lives in a positive way, as each of you touch ours. We hope to see and meet even more of you next year. Please consider making plans now. The next Concorso is scheduled for Saturday, August 19, 2017.


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