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Reply to "Cost of transporting Pantera from Socal to Norcal"

I had a blast on my trip from Carson City NV to Tucson.

Lots of adventures, and I got to know the car a lot better in a short time.

Trip From Carson City to Tucson

I was all worried about how to get the car down here, and the owner looked at me funny, and said: "Dude - why don't you drive it?" (Well - he didn't say the "Dude" part)..

I had that car loaded up with boxes of books, parts, pictures, etc. All his old stock stuff (cast iron manifold, folding spare, original spreadbore carb, A/C Condenser and Compressor, Valve covers, etc).

Saved me a lot of trouble and coordination.

I had insurance, and he had insurance. I got pulled over in Tonopah (I think the cop just wanted to see the car), but I had this huge mis-mash of conflicting paperwork - the car wasn't registered in my name yet...


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