Reply to "Should I keep the dual point distributor or go breakerless? If breakerless what is the reliable choice?"

Originally posted by 4V & Proud:
there's a small cap with male HEI terminals Standard Motor Products AL482, it can be found with both brass and aluminum terminals

Yes, that's the one. Found that about 20 years ago. It has been a dependable cap. It IS an International Harvester application. It's all by itself in the "parts books". A mid- '70s 350 engine as I recall?

It depends on how you want to do your wires though. If you want female cap terminals then the standard Ford/Motorcraft works fine.

The brass terminal cap is the one that you want though. The thickness of the cap itself is more substantial with it.

I suppose one is heavy duty, brass, and the other "standard", aluminum?

Make sure that you get the matching rotors with the cap.

You need to look at where the retaining clips lock to the cap as well. Make sure that they are going to lock firmly into the notches for the clips. It can be a little funky there.