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Reply to "Should I keep the dual point distributor or go breakerless? If breakerless what is the reliable choice?"

I purchased the 1976 Ford Duraspark rotor for the smaller 4" distributor cap, SMP p.n. FD-115, and checked it on a NOS Duraspark distributor with the 4 inch International Harvester (IHC) distributor cap, SMP p.n. AL-482.

The IHC cap is an inch smaller in diameter and about 5/8 inch shorter too. The cap in the pictures is actually a Borg Warner (BWD) cap, from their "select" line of auto parts. Notice the terminals are brass. BWD's part number is C200.

The terminal on the tip of the rotor, and the terminals in the cap have about 1/32 inch clearance, this was true for both the big Duraspark cap and the proper rotor for that cap, as well as for the IHC cap and the smaller Duraspark rotor. The small rotor also lines up with the IHC cap terminals height wise.

4V&Proud will be pleased to know the IHC cap is notched so that it is oriented on the distributor with the same terminal phasing as the Ford cap.

I'm happy to inform you guys that its a fit. A good option for Duraspark distributors in Pantera applications.



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