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Reply to "FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL for non pre L cars"

Thanks for your answers guys.

I didn't know pre-L were normal panteras, I thought it was a first modification before L models, so to me they were 3 kinds.

Pantera pre L
Pantera L

in fact the first two are one....OK my mystake, thank you for lighten me.

I am in the very north of france near belgium, my city is LILLE.

So I'm going to buy this book, I really need it as I'am meeting some little problems (one of them is I think upper engine seals are shots)

I wanted to attach a picture but can't make it under 200ko, you can see pictures following this link :
But I don't like the pictures on QV500, the color is ugly, not in real !!!
I have changed the wheels to Campagnolo.

See you...