Reply to "Flex-a-Lite fans Eating up battery"


You have jumped to a BIG conclusion based on no real evidence.

Because you have a low battery condition, you think it is the fan's fault?

Do you have a voltmeter? You need one to check your charging system.

An at rest battery should have between 12 and oh, say 12.6 volts. Check it at the terminals of the battery.

A running car, with a good alternator and voltage regulator, should be providing between 13.5 and 14.5 volts to the battery, checking it at the battery terminals.

See this link for a tutorial on charging systems:

If you find this to be the case on your car, THEN you can start to blame the fans. Wink

First off, there is absolutely NO reason for you, living in the cool Bay area, to have BOTH fans come on with the ignition. One, Maybe. Both, never.

Next, what is the purpose of the thermo fan switches? From what you wrote, they are doing nothing but plugging two holes. They are supposed to be switches, usually with two DIFFERENT values to turn on first one fan and then the second, but only when coolant reaches the switch temp value. You should probably swap one of the 190 units for a 170. Lowest one on the bottom. You do have a fluidyne, right?

If you have them wired into the relays, but your fans come on at the turn of the ignition, your relays must be wired incorrectly.

Yes, your fans COULD be the culprits.

But first check your charging system.

Then check your relay wiring.

Get back to us and we will figure this out.

Summer is coming. Wink

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