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Reply to "Front Upper & Lower ball joint grease zerk locations"

Yes - you are right of course. The manual says to partially fill the space to the inside level of both bearings cups ( which I took to be the pressed inner races ) which actually is still allot of grease. The  centrifugal  force would actually force grease up over the cup edge which would keep those bearings very well supplied, for a very long time.

6997 is having a full front rebuild (bearings, seals , wheel studs, lower ball joints and A arm mounts) and I will be putting in zerks in all the suggested locations.

I just installed two of the front inside grease seals- managed to dent one putting it in so am waiting for a new one to arrive to do it  again properly. They are not so easy to install without messing them up as they are so light. My error was slightly over pressing with a soft timber backing piece. Dumb.

My old dad taught me how to force the grease through by putting a pat on the palm of your hand and progressively working it through the bearing - always seems to pack the grease in more thoroughly  better than the double cone hat arrangements your supposed to use .( not that anyone had a cone packer back then anyway! ) Mind you do always seem to be well lubricated at the end of the process!


Images (2)
  • Front rebuild hub outside
  • Front rebuild hub inside