Reply to "I need the dust boot dimensions for the Pantera's front upper ball joints."

Excellent! Thank you very much Jerry! This helps a lot.

According to your measurement it is 18 x 42-43 (subtracting estimated boot thickness).

Joules, I searched the Forum, of course ;-) , and found the information regarding Energy Suspension boots.

Dimensions for #9-13119:


  • Largest Dia. Taper 0.65 in./16.6mm
  • Socket Top Dia. 1 5/8 in./41.3mm

Dimensions for #9-13101 are:


  • Largest Dia. Taper 0.59 in./15mm
  • Socket Top Dia. 1 3/8 in./35mm


As I am located in Germany I wondered if i could source dust boots in Europe. Shipping from the US costs more than often 4 times the product price.