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Reply to "Fuel pressure ok?"

Finally got back to it.  I did three things as shown on the attached paper:

Header temps: With temp gun aimed on the headers I know the temp gun may not be all that accurate because of distance & various things, but I took the temp of all headers before starting and they were all pretty close to equal. Then after a few minutes of running most headers were around in the 500 - 800 range but the one as shown was only 150. So maybe something is up with that cylinder, spark plug or whatever. 

FPR: I removed the vac hose from the FPR and the fuel PSI went from about 41 to 48. Also no gas came out of the FPR even after warm up. 

Engine Vacuum: Hooked up my mighty vac to the engine vac hose and did a video which showed at idle a bit bouncy vac at around 12, then I gave it a little steady gas pedal which made it bounce around more, then I followed with a small quick rev at the end which made the vac go quickly from 12 to 8 then 18 then 10 and then back to 12. Will try and add the video seperate, only 22MB but it won't load yet. Still can't load the video but basically its as noted above.



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