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Reply to "Generator Light"

I have the same harbor freight meter as a part of my survival tool kit.  Mine  reads close to a commercial Fluke meter. I got lucky.

 The Pantera amp meter is known to bounce around alot.  That is also covered in the threads of the forum. 

  I changed gauges to Auto Meter and the amp meter is now a expanded scale volt meter.  I feel the information is more relavant.

   Still would not hurt to make sure connections are clean and secure.

   The front compartment has a stud welded to the chassis for a ground connection. The engine has a ground strap at the rear of the transaxle. The voltage regulator (stock one) is in the right rear wheel well ,  could get wet and corroded connections.  There is also a common ground stud under the dash that can be problematic. I would think the under the dash ground would affect things in the cabin and dash mostly.

   Panteras are known to have electrical problems.  This forum is a wealth of great information.

  Without starting the engine and no load I would expect more like 11.5 to 12 volt with a well charged battery. Starting the engine at curb idle the voltage should climb to 13.5 to 14.7 volt.  

  Harbor Freight also has a automotive test device that has a series of leds that show approx. voltage.    A whole $4.49.