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Reply to "Generator Light"

my "WAG" is purely based on an acadimic view of the drawings. . .

for the intermidiant lamp,

Loose wire possible (in no particulair order)

the Y wire from starter relay to regulator A

the G/R wire from the alternator to the regulator S

there could be loose wire internal to regulator causing the voltage on the G/R wire to faulter

the transfer relay in the regulator going bad


as for the swinging output voltages. . .

this seems to be common for original as indicated by amp meter.   I really wish i was in my prime and had access to investigae this condition as it seems to be the type of problem I enjoyed solving.  my guess is it could be midigates with the addition of filtering the stepping field current generated by the mechnaical regulator.


If a solid state, then the regulator is going bad as I would assume field current stabilization is part of that design


given these are just my wild arse guesses, I will bow to any others comments