Reply to "GTS question"

This is Tony Blevins so I'll weigh in with my opinion. The pics are so small I can't make a definitive statement as to whether its a true Euro GTS or not but have the following thoughts.

- The S/N of Euro GTS cars do not contain GT so this is not of concern.

- The dash appears to be Mousehair (e.g. Alcantara). This could be duplicated on a non-GT car but it would be quite expensive.

- As a counterpoint to above, I'm surprised by the in-dash clock as neither my car or any other true Euro GTS that I've seen have this.

- Similarly, the seats are not original for Euro GTS and it also has a space saver spare (these were US req'd only).

- The striping (DeTomaso vs Pantera) is reversed from my car but maybe there were 2 different schemes ?

- The gauges should be in Italian - I can't see the pics well enough to know if thats the case here.

Finally, the sway bars should be 7/8" not 3/4 so this could be a tell-tale sign if its genuine or a copy. Unless someone were very detailed about the repro/scam, they would not bother with this upgrade.

Most/all mods to the EURO GTS cars could be duplicated so a decision in this case would probably need to be made by a preponderance of the evidence (IMHO). If the pics were of higher quality I could also provide more feedback