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Reply to "Heater tube/pipe replacement options."

Originally posted by lurker:
Hey there
So I have a 72- needing total HVAC revamp-
The heater tubes that run through the shifter tunnel are
not in the best shape- I have researched replacement and it sounds like I may
need to pull the engine to remove/replace-
Is this really the only way? Does anyone have any tricks that maybe would work to get them out w/out
Removing the engine?

Also the cable from the dash temp handle Spears to have broken from the lever.
Any thoughts on a repair or do I need to pull the cable. I’m trying to avoid dash removal-


I found that the hoses weren't connected on the car I bought. My tubes appeared to be OK but I couldn't figure out a reasonable way to connect hoses at the engine ends due to clearance issues plus the stock valve under the dash was frozen shut. I decided to abandon the original tubes. I ran hoses down the passenger side of the tunnel to the engine. I cut a hole in the firewall for them to pass thru. For the valve, I bought a NAPA #BK6601141 heater valve. I switched the bracket to the other side of the valve and made a few adapting pieces so the stock lever operates the valve correctly. I hooked this up with 5/8 hoses to the heater pipes, installing so that the flow direction was correct from the water pump pressure outlet fitting. I used a tube adapter on the flare nut fitting that originally had the stock heater valve.

The hoses running down the passenger side of the tunnel fit behind the console cover along with my AC hoses. I flattened the brackets that the console pieces are supposed to be screwed to. They are unnecessary. Sure was easier than the alternative of trying to keep the stock routing.