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History of 4621. UK registration VNP653L

I am wondering if anyone can shed any history on Pantera 4621, a righthand drive UK registered car (VNP653L) of 1973.

I have owned the car since 2012 and have spent most of that time "recommissioning" the car for road use. When I bought it the car had been off the road for about 25 years and was basically "in boxes".

I say recommissioning, as opposed to "restoring" as the car was substantially modified in its earlier life and is far from original. Obvious changes include a wide body "kit" and bundle-of-snakes exhaust, but less obvious are removal of air conditioning and replacing with an oil cooling radiator, relocation of the fuel tank to the front hood space, dual circuit braking and a multitude of engine and suspension mods.

All I know about the history of the car is that it was owned in the 1970's by a Mr Richard Eggington in Warwickshire and (at some time in his ownership) was registered RPE3. I understand that he participated in some form of Motorsports with it and that this accounts for many of the modifications. Certainly when I bought it the engine had a racing camshaft, lightened flywheel and competition clutch. These caused no end of issues for road use and have  since been changed, along with a new carb, inlet manifold conversion back to hydraulic tappets and a new electronic ignition system.

I believe the car was also painted yellow (traces remained in the central tunnel); it is now red.

I should like to try and learn a little more about the car's early history - in particular of its competitive use and hence why it was modified. I should be delighted if anyone "out there" knows anything about it and could tell me.

The "good news" is that the car is back on the road and, after some heartache, works well and is reliable. I wouldn't say I use it a lot but it does get a few outings to the seaside (Cleethorpes) and usually wakes everyone up when it does so (having the absolute minimum of exhaust silencing!).

Many thanks for your time in reading this and, hopefully, posting some information if you know anything that would help me.

Good wishes .... Murray Reid. Lincolnshire Wolds. England.

Some pictures, before and after ...

Front, as acquired. Pop up lights had been removed, these four sealed beams inserted into the front profile and air scoops let in to the front hood. I didn't like this!


Front Now. Pop ups replaced - not original I know (they are electric motored and ex Toyota MR2) but I think they look better. Two inches cut out of the air dam all round to raise the splitter to a sensible height for the road.


Interior as acquired. Not much to go on!


Interior Now

New Interior

Engine Bay: note the absence of the fuel tank - it's in the front.





Images (7)
  • Front
  • Interior as acquired: Interior as acquired
  • New Interior: Interior as rebuilt. All new.
  • Rear: Rear
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  • P1030357
  • P1050399
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