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Reply to "How did this guy route A/C lines from condenser, dryer to compressor (not in engine bay)"

6000E772-32E0-4846-89AD-7779E621AE78589B4388-3099-419E-B4A8-21EFA63A932D677C82BE-395A-4002-8AB9-D83472AA78273D562A75-74B9-47B2-808D-39040F936C8CPhotos should be self-explanatory. If using 134a as a refrigerant locating the drier here is of no concern as the site glass is not used for that refrigerant

if retaining R12 refrigerant the site glass can be viewed with a mirror or by carefully locating and drilling an inspection hole and using a suitable hole plug, as shown.  



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  • 6000E772-32E0-4846-89AD-7779E621AE78
  • 589B4388-3099-419E-B4A8-21EFA63A932D
  • 677C82BE-395A-4002-8AB9-D83472AA7827
  • 3D562A75-74B9-47B2-808D-39040F936C8C