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igintion timing for high comp engine based on roller

Team Hi,
4907 is on the road again incl. German TÜV issued as they loved the car...woow as all brand new! incl. 305 on the rear!
so now I am doing all the "final" adjustments. Here now the ignition timing topic.
- I did follow the guidelines per sticky (TX George et al), well always some deviations.

1) engine full overhauled, bore 4.02 (custom Ross pistons) compression static app. 10.3, Trick flow heads, Edelbrok dual plain (modified!)
2) Holly 650 (so far)
3) ignition single point (one) system
4) Crane parts all over.. full roller , limit 6000 (can get you the cam details)

did run the car for 25 miles to go for TÜV / MOT was running rough after just static timing set up, based on this wimpy "PIONTER" precision!
Today I now used a ignition flash device to get better facts and adjusts.

Starting point:
1) vacuum tube OFF the distributor
2) engine run in the garage for 15 min, Oil pressure good, water temp did go up but have a fully modified cooling , no worries all top class (again learned from sticky)
3) engine idling very rough at MEASURED 5 dreg. adv.

1) move the distributor/hence pointer settings back and forth.
2) Settled at a nice 800 rpm idle at about 15 degr. advance? Can move it up and done with better & worth idle ..

SO...What is correct?
1) From my sense it is a question of the cam used.
2) I ASSUME : at idle move the advanced back as much as possible (near 10 degr.) for a DECENT idle at 800? OR NOT????

Need please some advice based on experience

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