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Reply to "igintion timing for high comp engine based on roller"

Tx for help & comments...

I will double check the TDC per finger in spark hole #1. (did check also the rockers for #1 to be loose - valve closed)
The damper is a brand new ATI for Cleveland. Bloody expensive.
I will def stick with timing light.

My issue is, I do not know how SMOOTH a Cleveland should idle with a modern cam . I guess should be decent with a lob sep. of 112??

Crane Hydro roller 52 9551
Range 2500 ...6000
Intake at 050 224
Exhaust at 050 232
Advert in 286
Advert. out 294
lob sep 112

As said I did play with the distributor setting at IDLE rpm between 5 deg and say 20 deg. advance according the ATI scale.
Idle was app 800 rpm (as a starting point, it can go lower). At <=5 deg it is not nice, kind of "lazy" picking up rpm. At 20 deg at idle it gets really rough, this is what I had first by setting the static timing.

If I give it 15 deg at idle it runs decent/acceptable, at a steady rpm. (I still have to close the vacuum tube for this measure!!) WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE 10 or 15 in respect to higher rpm/more advance driven by distributor characteristics?
I can check the advance at higher rpm per Chuck's statement app. 35 deg max to expect.