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Reply to "igintion timing for high comp engine based on roller"

Tx 4V & Proud
yes that it is, so looks good.I was just worried, as my calcs had some flaws. Big Grin
Assume all is my fault in just using static timing only to start with but NOT correcting it by ignition light.

Weather got better, so TOMORROW.. Cool
Also as said befor I do not know how a "good" Cleveland should sound.. Smiler
I compared the engine "sound" with my C2 Corvette (327/350HP 1967) with DT Panter it did NOT sound as good. Well the static advance was app. 20! so bad.. will go now for a save and good sounding +/-15 deg. and run a while & measung the advance in total ..then further adjustments.

Keep you posted!

& TX Team US & Europe ..Danke..I do not do Cleveland every other day..

Pround on my Panter