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Reply to "igintion timing for high comp engine based on roller"

wooow what a Cat!

well rain!
1) #1 is #1 so no mix up
2) TDC is correct and marks on ATI damper are very much correct
3) vacuum tube off distributor un-plugged and tube closed for timing light work
4) at idle app 15 deg. advance fixed, my be a bit less
5) with vacuum tube on, the distributor does add app 15 deg at 3000 rpm. that gives for now max of app 30 deg. Good to go for the next 500km until engine is run in a bit.

Engine sounds perfect now. Did drive app 60 km with max 3400 rpm as all band new. BRUTAL..this pull! Oil pressure good, Temp very good!

Tx again for help!

Matthias and his Panter